Required Documents

The following information is a broad list of items typically required for the mortgage application process. (not all may apply)

(Note that print screen from computer of any bank, retirement, or income statements will not work unless they show complete info. i.e. complete name, your address, account #, name and address of bank or company. Any printed info from your computer must meet requirements for official statements or documents)

  1. Copy of your Purchase Contract, signed by all buyers and sellers (for purchase transactions)
  2. Pay stub(s) covering the most current 30-day period for each applicant (for example, if you are paid twice a month, you would need to bring two pay stubs).Continue to save your pay stubs until you close your loan.
  3. W-2 forms for the last two years, for each applicant.
  4. Bank statements for the past two to three months, for all checking and savings accounts (all pages) with explanation and proof of deposits not from payroll.Continue to save your bank statements until you close your loan.
  5. Name, address, and phone number of landlord for the last 12 months, if you are currently renting or have rented in the past 12 months.
  6. Copy of 401K and IRA statements (if applicable).
  7. Copy of investment and account statements for the past three months, if applicable (mutual fund accounts are an example).
  8. Last 12 months canceled mortgage payment/rent checks (if available).
  9. Photocopy of drivers license or acceptable government issued I.D. (photo must be legible, fax copy will not work, must be scanned and emailed).
  10. Photocopy of Social Security cards for each applicant.
  11. If you are self-employed, have commission income, any business expenses that you write off, investment income or rental income, then copies of your last two years personal and business federal (all pages and schedules) signed income tax returns.(please sign and date them with a current date).
  12. If you are divorced then a complete signed copy of all divorce decrees and separation agreements, including any stipulations or modifications.
  13. If you pay or receive child support payments then proof of receipt or payment for the last 12 months.
  14. If you have graduated from high school or college within the last two years, a copy of your diploma or transcripts.
  15. If during the past two years, you have a gap in your employment of 30 days or more, then a letter of explaining the reason.
  16. If you have just sold a current home, provide a copy of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement showing the amount of proceeds (if the sale is not yet complete, please provide a copy of the Purchase Offer).
  17. If you are receiving a gift for part of your down payment, you will be given a gift letter at the time of application that will need to be completed.
  18. If you are relocated by your employer, provide a copy of your company's relocation policy.
  19. If you have declared bankruptcy in the last seven years, provide a copy of Petition Decree, Schedule of Creditors, and Discharge, as well as a letter explaining the reason why you filed for bankruptcy.
  20. If you have rental property, provide copy of current lease, copies of mortgage statement if taxes and insurance is escrow or if not then copies of current tax bill and insurance bill, and copies of last two years' signed federal income tax returns with all schedules.

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