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Money For Rehab / Finance an Unlimited Number of Investment Properties

Are you looking or know someone trying to purchase investor properties?  Have they told you that most lenders will only allow 4 mortgages and then there are a few that allow up to 10.  Well let me tell you about my new Investor Edge Program. Did you know we have a new player to the Indianapolis Real Estate Market?  Redfin is opening in Indianapolis.  This Seattle based realty company offers discounted listing fees for customers selling their homes and more frequent updates of listings on the internet.  Redfin differs from traditional realty firms by charging lis...

December 9th, 2014 | The Indiana Mortgage Guy, Indianapolis Realtor, FHA 203k Streamline, HUD - FHA Financing Programs, Featured Loan Programs, Money For Rehab / Finance an Unlimited Number of Investment Properties

Little-Known Program Helps Local Couple Buy Fixer-Upper

FHA 203K: The standard FHA 203k loan is used to purchase or refinance a home that needs major rehabilitation, or when the repairs are structural in nature. The standard 203k loan is also used when the total renovation costs exceed the $35,000 limit of the 203k streamline loan.

April 24th, 2014 | HUD - FHA Financing Programs, FHA 203k Streamline, Little-Known Program Helps Local Couple Buy Fixer-Upper

HUD’s New Deadly Short Sale Rule

   Click here to give me your comments So we all know that short sale fraud is in the Real Estate industry. We read about it in the news from time to time. So HUD has a NEW Rule that is slated to start on October 1st. It’s a rule that frankly is going to severely limit the number of real estate agents willing to take them. I came across this story at Inman News about HUD’s new short sale rule. It says that if you list a HUD short sale (that is a property that has an FHA loan on it), you can’t represent the buyer on the property as well. Not so bad right? I me...

September 25th, 2013 | HUD - FHA Financing Programs, Indiana HUD Info, Indiana Realtor, HUD’s New Deadly Short Sale Rule

New HUD Program

The FHA has made it drastically easier for once-struggling homeowners to qualify for an FHA loan. The Federal Housing Administration has announced in Mortgagee Letter date August 14, 2013 that it will reduce the time homebuyers must wait after a bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale before qualifying for an FHA-backed mortgage. The period had previously been two years following a bankruptcy, and three years following a foreclosure or short sale. The agency has now reduced the waiting period to one year.       "FHA is finally getting something Right and recognize...

August 22nd, 2013 | Featured Loan Programs, HUD - FHA Financing Programs, Indiana HUD Info, New HUD Program

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