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Carmel Indiana

February 27th, 2012 | Indiana Communities

Carmel Indiana is a city located on the northern edge of Indianapolis Indiana. It is approximately a 15 minute drive on North Meridian Street to downtown Indianapolis. We have lots of photos of Carmel Indiana for you to see and a video that you might find interesting:

The population growth has been increasing very rapidly. The 2005 population is estimated at more than 60,000. In 2000 it was 37,733.

Carmel Busines

Carmel is home to many successful companies such as HSBC Finance, Pearson education (formerly MacMillan Publishing). Many mid-sized and smaller companies dot the landscape of Carmel, Indiana including Autobase Inc., Orchard Software Crop. Oxford Financial Services and Electronic Evolution. In short, Carmel's economy is very good and offers a lot for those companies that would like to relocate to the Central Indiana area.

Carmel Arts District

One of the exciting things Carmel has done is the creation of the Carmel Arts and Design District. It is designed to promote and help small businesses succeed. This older section of Carmel is starting to look very nice.

Carmel Roundabouts

Carmel is becoming known for its growing use of roundabouts to help control traffic. Roundabouts are used, rather than the traditional intersections, as a safety device because traffic circles must be traveled at slower speeds. However, roundabouts do not cope as well with traffic on the faster roads.

Public Library

The Carmel Public Library was opened on May 2, 1999. The new, two story facility is 116,000 square feet and has shelving space for 300,000 books, 46,000 audiovisual items and 665 periodicals.
It also has 120 computer work stations, ample public seating, numerous study rooms and new technology centers for children, teens and adults.
This Carmel Indiana library even includes a gift shop and a coffee area managed by an outside vendor.


Monon Trail: The Monon Rail Trail is a bicycle and walking trail that extends 15.2 miles from 146th Street in Carmel Indiana (at the very north end of the trail) to 10th street in downtown Indianapolis Indiana on the south end. The Indianapolis section was completed in 1999 and the Carmel section in 2001 and 2002.
Artesian Well: Carmel has its very own natural artesian well that provides high quality drinking water to Carmel residents. The water flows from the well without pumping.

Average Climate in Carmel, Indiana

The following table includes daily, monthly and seasonal temperature, precipitation and snowfall. Visit our Carmel Indiana weather page for more detailed information. 
Month Average High Average Low Average Precipitation Average Snowfall
January 34 .5 18.5 2.48 9.3
February 39.9 22.5 2.41 6.1
March 51.4 32.0 3.44 3.1
April 62.9 41.2 3.61 0.4
May 73.5 51.8 4.36 Trace
June 82.1 61.3 4.13 0.0
July 85.6 65.2 4.42 0.0
August 83.7 63.3 3.82 0.0
September 77.4 55.2 2.88 0.0
October 65.6 43.6 2.76 0.4
November 51.6 34.1 3.61 1.3
December 39.2 24.0 3.03 6.4
Annual 62.3 42.7 40.95 27.0


Population of Carmel Indiana

As you can see by these numbers, Carmel is growing rapidly.

2000: 37,733
2003: 48,287
2004: 57,000
2005: 66,000

Median Household Income

Carmel: $97,010
Hamilton County: $84,456
U.S. $48,983
2000 U.S. Census data, adjusted for inflation

Carmel City Services

The Carmel Police Department has approximately 90 police officers and 20 employees and is recognized for its professional excellence.. If you have an emergency dial 911 otherwise dial 317-5712500. The police department is located at 3 Civic Square, Carmel, Indiana 46032.

The Carmel Fire Department has over 120 employees at 6 different stations in Carmel. In the event of a fire emergency call 911. For non-emergency calls dial 317-5712600. The main office is located at 2 Civic Square, Carmel, Indiana 46032.

Carmel Utilities


      Cinergy 1-800-521-2232 
      Indianapolis Power & Light 317-261-8261


       Indiana Gas Company 1-800-777-2060


Currently there are 2 companies that supply water to Carmel residents and business. Carmel utilities provides service to most of the homes and can be reached at 317-571-2442. The Indianapolis Water Company supplies many of the homes that are close to the Indianapolis city limits. They can be reached at 317-639-1501


Currently, AT&T owns the telephone lines to homes and business located in Carmel Indiana. You can reach ATT at 1-800-742-8771




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