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July 16th, 2012 | Realtor Websites

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Property Web Sites

Are you using the internet to your fullest advantage?  An NAR survey reported that over 90% of buyers will use the internet in their search for a new home.  If not, you need the call capture capabilities of our Real Estate Marketing Essentials with mobile phone technologies.

5 Property Websites for your Listings

https://www.rose01.view24hours.com/  (sample)

1 Listing Presentation Website

https://www.rwest.flipshow.com/  (sample)

1 Personal Website

https://www.rwest.valuedagent.com/  (sample)


Real Estate Marketing Essentials

Only $99 setup and $50/mo

Give me a call today 317-570-6300

Ken Blaudow “The Indiana Mortgage Guy”


1.    1.  We will Post all of your property listings to Craigslist once a week with our "One Click" posting tool. Craigslist is the fifth most trafficked Website on planet earht and by far the most robust Website for selling properties available (we track how many people look at the ads and how many click through to the site for more information an it is the largest bringer of traffic ....more than Realtor.com in some areas)..

2.  We will provide you with 5 Sign Riders fo each of your property websies.  Over half of purchasers said they drove by a property first before they considered buying it.  A sign rider gives them the ability to gather more detailed data about the property.

3.  You can customize your listing presentation flip show with your words, photo's and even a video if you like.

4.  You can add a MLS Compliant link in the Multipule listing for we property website.

5.  Your property websites will automatically fee to:


6. Every Listing has a Business Card Sticker creator that allows us to print up stickers that can be placed on the back of your business card for homeowener to give out.

7.  Brochures/Flyers of each property can be printed out from the websites.

8.  Compile floor plans, sells disclosures, etc. can be down loaned from property websites.

Unlock the power of our Real Estate Marketing Essentials Today.



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